Thursday, 5 June 2008

Petrol Price Hike

I knew the this day would come eventually, but I didn't expect it to come that soon. I received an SMS from my mum telling me that the price of petrol would increase.

New Price Old Price
RON97 Petrol RM2.70 per liter RM1.92 per liter
RON92 Petrol RM2.62 per liter RM1.88 per liter
Diesel RM2.58 per liter RM1.58 per liter

That's a major hike in fuel prices!!! It's like a 40% increase for petrol. After seeing the new prices, I couldn't help wondering if my nasi lemak and teh tarik price would go up as well. Hmmm... I guess I might have to cut down on eating now.

Me, being the cool and composed person that I am; quickly scrambled out the front door and got into my car as if an ugly fat woman was chasing me and headed straight for the nearest petrol station.

There was an endless queue going on already at all the petrol stations everywhere. Everyone was as kiasu as me and wanted to fill up their tanks to the brim.

I've never seen so many people rushing to get the petrol station. It was as if the playboy playmates came over and were going to help customers hold on to their nozzles at all petrol stations nationwide.

So, what to do? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Like a good schoolboy, I queued up like the rest, waiting patiently for my turn. There was a long queue at the back of me. Hahahaa, I'm in front of you.

After filling up my tank to the last drop, I heard the workers at the petrol station telling people that their supply was almost finished and they had to close shop very soon. If you ask me, I think they just want to wait until midnight, then open for business again when the price is higher. Business tactic eh?

It was the best feeling ever looking at my fuel gauge. It's like the feeling you get when you finish taking a dump, but a little better than that. Aahhh...

With the hike in fuel prices, I've come up with some "FUEL SAVING TIPS" that can be practiced by every Malaysians out there.
  1. Instead of Driving, WALK
  2. Instead of taking the Bus, WALK
  3. Instead of taking a Taxi Cab, WALK
  4. Instead of taking the LRT, WALK
If WALKING is not your cup of tea, you can substitute it with RUNNING or even CRAWLING. If you're rich enough to own a bicycle, then substitute the WALKING with CYCLING.

These "FUEL SAVING TIPS" is not only good for your health, it is also good for the environment. So, do your bit for Mother Earth and start saving now.

All is not lost with the hike in fuel prices. The government will give you an additional subsidy of RM625 per year if your car is below 2000cc.

  1. Buy an old junk of a car (probably a kancil) for 1-2k
  2. Drive that car into a river and let it sink down to the bottom.
  3. Upon your road tax renewal, just pay your roadtax and claim your RM625
  4. You will start reaping in profits as soon as the your 2nd year roadtax renewal date.
  5. Think of the profits you would make if you invested in 5 or 10 or even 50 junk kancils.
I have a strange feeling that we won't be able to see any more junk kancils on the road in the near future.

Do you have a TIP that you can share?


Anonymous said...

i thought of the junk car idea too! ha ha! i bet you someone will really do it.

Anonymous said...

Ya man, the damn price increase made everyone.. i meant everyone with a vehicle come outa house and get it filled to the fullest they could.

Over my place, the jam was like so bad, I needed 1 hour just to reach to a petrol station which was just 1km away.

Its all asshole badawi's fault. Idiot raising ELECTRIC tariffs next. And asked us to UBAH GAYA HIDUP ANDA. WTF. Go to hell. said...

Never mind about the queue. Next time you can tell your grandkids about the night you queued for petrol. Oh wait a minute, maybe this is just the beginning of many, many more kiasu rush for petrol cos it looks like a routine already. Hahaha. In a way, I was lucky I was stuck at a funeral wake with hubby or else, my hubby sure did the same thing of queueing too.

Anonymous said...

well perhaps govt officials (and their tai-tais) should ubah THEIR gaya hidup. cut those needless overseas trip, use eco-friendly cars, turn off the lights in putrajaya, and DO SOMETHING about lrt and the lrt parking so that it'd be easier for ppl to start using them.

govt forecasts inflation of 4%-5%. i hope employers will adjust our salaries accordingly *hope and pray*

Anonymous said...

oh nigel... perhaps you can tell fren uncle Lim to ask badawi to scrap the angkasawan/space travelling project. now THAT would free up some funds. sheesh.