Thursday, 30 October 2008

Best Game In The World

People say the best game in the world is football, or rather "soccer" as the Americans call it. God knows why they call it that. Everyone else in the world calls it football. Why don't they just conform to the worldwide standard?

I'm not a die hard fan of football, just a casual follower of the game. Back in the day, when I was much younger, I used to follow the Premier League games every week. If you ask me which team I support, I would have to choose Arsenal.

Football has given me some interesting memories over the years. When I was in the UK doing my final year, I was watching the European Championship Final match between Manchester United against Bayern Munich. My housemate who's a true red devil desecrated my TV with some of his Manchester United merchandise. He was singing and dancing like a drunk when his team won the treble that year. Come to think of it, it was rather weird what fans would do in the name of football.

Another friend of mine did the most stupid thing that a person could do in the name of football. He had his team's emblem permanently tattooed on his arm. The worse part of this is that the team he supports is Everton. Mind you that this was not just a small tattoo. It was a huge blue one and he was showing it off to me right after he got it. In my mind, I was thinking.... "what a dickhead".

Football truly is the best game in the world. Here are some memorable moments in football.

Follow for more football favourites.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Exposed Privates

Getting out of a car. Sounds quite simple enough right. For guys, no problems here. However, for girls, it can be quite a challenge, especially when you are wearing a skirt. If extra caution is not practiced, your privates may not be so private anymore. Some celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton found this out the hard way.

Fret no more. A new invention is in town that will solve all your "overexposure" problems once and for all. Introducing the "Exi-quette Car Curtain". Check out the demo below.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Does Badawi Lie?

When you say one thing and do the a totally opposite thing the next day, does that constitute as as telling a lie? You be the judge.

This is a real funny cartoon of our beloved PM on his contradicting statements, taken from malaysiakini.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Oh my GOD!

This has got to be the most painful thing a guy can experience in his life; apart from being kicked in the nuts.

Any volunteers out there willing to try it out? I'll give you 10 cents if you're dumb enough to get your dick slammed by the toilet seat.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

This ain't porn, it's art

When you spend the weekend in Bangkok, a great place to visit is the weekend market called "chatuchak". For you duh people out who don't know what a weekend is, it's the days that are called Saturdays and Sundays.

You can find all sorts of nick nacks everywhere. This place is huge, like bigger than a football field. You can most likely get lost if you don't have a map of the place.

If you've just broke up with your boyfriend and need a new partner, you can get yourself a cute puppy here.

Or if cleaning up dog shit is not your cup of tea, why not get yourself a toy rodent.

Or even a rubber lizard to keep you company during those cold lonely nights.

All the walking and shopping can and will make you hungry at some point. There are lots of food stalls all around. You can visit some of the stalls and have a go at some of the local delicacies there.

Or if you are like me, just grab a a cold drink and some of roast pork and continue to walk around. This is non halal for some folks out there, but it tastes just so sinfully good.

This is also a great place to do some shopping for some decorations for your home, office or even for your toilet.

Great idea for a tissue dispenser. All public toilets should invest in one of these artistic tissue dispensers. Check out the pimples on some of the butts.

If you're in the office and you don't know where to rest your faithful pen, why not shove it into this guy's ass. It's made of some rubber plastic thingy. You can be rest assured that you won't be accused of sodomy.

If you have a bare home and you want to decorate it with some artistic pieces, why not invest in some nude bronze statues. This ain't porn. It's art.

For those single ladies out there, this piece will surely brighten up your home, not to mention your day.

And for you guys out there, this bronze piece of art is meant for you.