Thursday, 30 October 2008

Best Game In The World

People say the best game in the world is football, or rather "soccer" as the Americans call it. God knows why they call it that. Everyone else in the world calls it football. Why don't they just conform to the worldwide standard?

I'm not a die hard fan of football, just a casual follower of the game. Back in the day, when I was much younger, I used to follow the Premier League games every week. If you ask me which team I support, I would have to choose Arsenal.

Football has given me some interesting memories over the years. When I was in the UK doing my final year, I was watching the European Championship Final match between Manchester United against Bayern Munich. My housemate who's a true red devil desecrated my TV with some of his Manchester United merchandise. He was singing and dancing like a drunk when his team won the treble that year. Come to think of it, it was rather weird what fans would do in the name of football.

Another friend of mine did the most stupid thing that a person could do in the name of football. He had his team's emblem permanently tattooed on his arm. The worse part of this is that the team he supports is Everton. Mind you that this was not just a small tattoo. It was a huge blue one and he was showing it off to me right after he got it. In my mind, I was thinking.... "what a dickhead".

Football truly is the best game in the world. Here are some memorable moments in football.

Follow for more football favourites.


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