Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Japanese Super GT 2008 Video

Here's a video of Amie and Tomie singing and dancing. They really have sweet voices. Just listening to them singing and dancing brings back memories when I met them in Times Square doing a roadshow. Regretted that I didn't manage to catch them in action in Sepang.

Here's wishing Amie and Tomie a safe journey to wherever they are headed off to next. Don't forget to call me when you girls come back to Malaysia yah.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Corbis Futsal & Cheerleading Competiton 2008

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the 2008 Futsal and Cheerleading competition event organised by Corbis, a stock photography solutions company. I was looking forward to watching the cheerleaders in action more than the actual futsal competition itself.

Some came early to register, while some came a whole hour late, probably due to watching to Euro 2008 game the night before.

These players faces were so ugly, they decided to show off their prettier side.

Briefing, blah blah blah. I didn't hear much of what was being said cause I was on the lookout for the cheerleaders.

TBWA cheerleader pose. They were a winner in my books when they did their stunt.

Did you aunties girls know that this is a cheerleading competition, not an office attire competition?

Ogilvy cheerleaders. From this stage onwards, I knew it was just a 2 horse race.

With a cute smile like that, who can have the heart to tell you that you didn't win?

This guy probably wanted to be a cheerleader when he was a kid.

I must say that the referees were very experienced. They knew how to handle any crap or threats by any player. There were a few arguments and a fight nearly broke out, but the ref stood his ground. You really need to have balls of steel to be a referee.

Look at the huge grin on his face. I'm pretty sure his lil brother had a huge grin too.

Hot ass cheerleaders. I should have volunteered to be the 5th cheerleader.

Checking out the competition eh? Looking at the other 2 teams, you probably should have stayed home.

This is a smart way to advertise your company. Find the hottest ass, and plaster your logo on it.

There were several injuries throughout the competition. I too nearly had to seek medical assistance for a nosebleed; probably due to watching too many hot cheerleaders in miniskirts.

The Ogilvy cheerleaders came out champions. You probably already know who came in last place.

The Championship Trophy went to Grey FC. Some of them looked like they were professional footballers. I wonder if they actually worked for the company or was illegally imported from Brazil.

These are the faces of the Corbis Futsal Cheerleading committee. So many girls and only 2 dudes? Man, you guys must always be looking forward to go to work everyday.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Japanese Super GT 2008 Part 4

This post is dedicated to "Nailmen". If you want to know who is he, read the comments in Part 2.

Here are close up shots of the Japanese Super GT Queens. Photos were taken outside Berjaya Times Square.

When it was announced that they would be posing for photos outside, next to the GT car, I quickly rushed out to get a good spot. I firmly stood my ground right in front of the GT car as other hamsap photographers tried to jostle their way for a good spot. Hahaha, first come first serve.

I was in fact just about 1 foot away from the Amie and Tomie and was probably the closest photographer to them among a sea of guys behind me. So close was I that I almost had a nosebleed when they smiled right at me.

Vrooom.... vroooommm..... roared the engine. Amie and Tomie are experienced enough to close their sensitive ears. I on the other hand acted macho and got a shock of my life when the car backfired a few times. Lesson to learn; when the queens close their ears, it is advisable to do the same.

Lucky bastard. I wanna be a GT race car driver.

Here's Amie waving goodbye to me

Amie and Tomie will be making an appearance at Sunway Pyramid today (18 June 2008) from 4 to 7pm. So to all you horny Japanese Super GT Queen fans out there, make your way over there to catch them live in action. If you're working, take MC. You won't regret it.

Don't forget to vote for your favourite Japanese Super GT Race Queen.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Japanese Super GT 2008 Part 3

Here's Part 3 of the Japanese Super GT Queens during an autograph session. Don't forget to vote who you think is prettier, Amie(right) or Tomie(left).

Part 4 (final part) will be coming up tomorrow. It will consists of more close up shots of the Queens posing in front of a Super GT car. Don't forget to vote for your favourite Japanese Super GT Queen.