Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Long gone are the days when we wore socks to protect feet from blisters. The plain single colored socks that went up to our ankles have been given a new lease of life. It's more of a fashion statement nowadays. If you ask me, these socks stimulate more excitement for guys than for girls. Catch my drift?

Gwen Stefani looks too hot to handle in her white socks / stockings.

Japanese goth girls have been into socks for some time now. Here's one taking her pet for a walk.

"Mega KL SOCKS shop"

Shopping malls in KL have started to embrace this new culture recently. There seems to be more and more young girls wearing these socks out to entice us men. One fashion rule that I gather from viewing these girls, is that when wearing these fashion socks, you must always wear an ultra short mini skirt or a very small tight pair of shorts. Not that I'm complaining about this new trend. It actually gives me more interesting things to look at while I'm out shopping. I can handle it. I'm just concerned about those old uncles with weak hearts out there. Just a warning to these hotties; you might give an old man a heart attack some day.

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