Monday, 9 June 2008

Veet Meme

Ok, I'm rather new to this "tagged" thing. I didn't know what the heck it was and how it works. Moreover, what is a meme anyway? Am I that jakun? Kacau betul lah. Especially when I was busy doing.... ahem... some research on the Super GT race queens. Well, was asked to do this, so here goes.

Got tagged with a meme from Susana

What is required of you is actually very simple. Once you’ve done this meme, REMEMBER to email your name, mobile, email address, blog URL and Veet Meme answers to The first 50 bloggers who have completed this meme would win an exclusive “Veet Desirable Kit” worth RM100. So watcha’ waiting for? Start your Meme now and tag your friends to spread the fun !

1) If you could choose one, which would you rather be: desirable, popular or confident? Why?
Confident. No wait! I'm already confident. Let's make it popular instead. Why popular? Cause with popularity, money somehow trickles in. Not to mention I'll be getting more attention from chicks. Hehehe.

2) I usually feel desirable when
after I shave my armpit hair.

3) Which of these is your biggest no-no (in case you bump into your dream guy): messy hair, bad wardrobe combo, or unshaven legs (you’re wearing shorts!!)?
Bump into my dream guy? Last I checked, I wasn't into guys. Hmmm... for argument sake, I'll imagine that I'm a faggot. If I was a faggot, I'll most probably worry about my beautiful long unshaven legs or my armpit hair sticking out from my tight singlet.

4) When it comes to hair removal which is more important:Convenience? Fast? Silky smooth after-feel?
Convenience is the most important aspect for hair removal. Try to imagine attempting to shave your armpit hair while sitting in a packed metrobus. Not easy rite? Convenience is all that matters when talking about hair removal.

5) Which Veet hair removal product have you tried?
Veet? What's that? Sounds like feet. I haven't tried it yet. I suggest changing the brand name though.

6) What do you like most about Veet?
I haven't heard of Feet. Oh wait, I mean Veet. They should contact me if they need a spokesperson/model for their product.

7) What makes people notice you?
My big hairy belly.

This is a picture of my sexy hairy belly. I wonder if veet hair removal will help?

Take a closer look. What a thick forest. Don't stare at my amazingly sexy belly button!

If veet gives me the "Veet Desirable Kit", I'll use it and show you how effective it is. So, if anyone out there is working for Veet, tell your boss to gimme a kit!

Who am I going to TAG? Whoever that reads this blog may consider yourself tagged or memeed. Now, I'm going back to do my important research.

Come to think of it, I'm gonna TAG Kenny Sia. So Kenny, consider yourself TAGGED.


Kat said...

ewww... that's so gross! i don't mean you, i just mean the hair..

well if you really want to get rid of them, you can try (1) shaving - will grow out again and be really pokey (2)waxing - usually in movies, guys remove body hair by waxing, but not recommended if you have low tolerance towards pain (3) hair removal cream -painless. but i think veet works only for legs. the instructions says not to try on other areas wor..

Wai Wai said...

hey nigel, so geli lehh!!? Yerr, how could u... gross and disgust to show off ur 'HAIR'... er hem

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

yes I do love it!

Anonymous said...

Nigel, you have a very sexy belly/belly button, stop teasing me!