Friday, 6 June 2008

Ants taking a dump?

I was away about 2 weeks ago to attend a camp at a kampung style resort in Melaka. Was given a kampung style chalet to stay in. It looked nice but was a bit old or run down, but since it was styled in the kampung way, I didn't give it much thought.

Pretty nice

My chalet

First thing I noticed was that the door creeked every time I opened or closed it. Didn't bother much about that. TV was small, but at least there was one. Hmm.... time to check out the plumbing facilities.

I noticed some ants walking around the toilet. They must be trying to get away from the heat outside. So I just let them be and went out.

I came back that night and desperately wanted to use the toilet to do some... ahem... business. Good thing I looked at the toilet bowl before I sat down.

There were thousands of ants all around the toilet. A lot of them had gathered all around the toilet bowl as if all of them had to take a dump at the same time.

That's not my ahem... p**ic hair

Being the environmentalist person that I am, I took measures into my own hand as I too was as desperate as them to use the toilet facilities. The only weapon I had in the toilet was unlimited amounts of water supply. Next thing I remembered was that the toilet was flooded and the ants were gone.

Lesson to learn from this is "Never mess with a man who's in desperate need to use the toilet".

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James said...

Thats so gross... I think the last person who used the toilet had diabetes. Hence, the ants are attracted to the sugar.