Monday, 2 June 2008

Living in the closet

Recently according to Reuters, a 57 unemployed man from Japan noticed that his food supply at his home has been going missing on a regular basis. So he did what most people would do, call "Ghostbusters". Hahaha. No, he was quite high tech and installed hidden cameras to capture the "ghost" culprit. He instead caught a 58 year old woman on camera, coming out from an unused closet and eating his food.

What would I do if I found someone living in my closet? Well, it will depend if the person is a chick or a dude. Here's what I'd do:

Dude (any age) - kick him in the b**ls and call the cops
Ugly Chick (any age) - drag her out of the house and call the cops
Chick (above 30) - she can stay in my closet if she agrees to be my maid
Chick (below 30) - offer her my bed spare room

What would you do if you discovered someone living in your closet?

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