Thursday, 29 May 2008


What is khalwat anyway? Well, it basically means "excessive closeness between persons". How excessively close do we have to be physically to be committing khalwat? Does this apply only to Muslims or the whole public in general?

As usual, I was bumming around in a shopping complex in KL city and I must say that I did see quite a few couples exercising "excessive closeness". How excessively close is close? Take a look at the pictures below.

This was an interesting couple. I must say that they were no older than 16. Kids are experiencing life at a young age nowadays. Too bad I didn't have this kind of experience when I was at that age.

Hmmmm.... I wonder what his right hand is going for. I guess she has an itch somewhere that was difficult for her to reach. What a gentleman to help out a girl in need.

Right after having that thought in my head, the guy suddenly turned around. It was like he felt like he was being watched by the religious council and was about to be apprehended. Good thing I was fast enough to turn around and pretended to be looking at something else. Man, I need to get a zoom lens soon. That was too close a call.

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get a life!