Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Bangkok Budget Hotel

While in Bangkok, I stayed in a pretty nice budget hotel called Grand Watergate. It's located in the wholesale clothing district of Pratunam. Great value for money for those shopaholics out there as it's just 2 - 3 minutes walk to the wholesale clothing area. Did I mention that they just opened a few months ago?

Being a new hotel, a lot of taxi drivers didn't know where this hotel was located. I was smart enough to print out the map from the website, so didn't have a problem there.

I arrived quite late in the evening and was surprised to see how clean the hotel was. The cafe was closed, but this being Bangkok, finding food is never a problem.

Being an Internet junkie, I was glad to know that they provided access to the net. Though it wasn't free, but it was affordable. After paying for 3 days unlimited access, they provided me with a DSL modem and I was able to surf the net from my room within a couple of minutes. For those who didn't bring their laptops with them, the hotel has 3 computers for guests to use at the cafe.

The room was very clean and new. The TV had several cable TV shows as well.

This is where I slept.

This is where I went to pang sai.

Breakfast wasn't all that great, but it was sufficient. Since it was provided free, I ate as much as I could.


simpleU said...

It looks good enough for a budget hotel. How is it per night? Planning to give bangkok a visit this Nov.

QuaChee said...

hi ya, would like to know how much is it per nite as well. looks pretty good :)

bangkok do have a lot of budget & boutique hotels. very impressive :)

James said...

wah looks nice. The free breakfast seems nice too :P

Nigel said...

It cost me USD25 per night. Booking was done at www.asiarooms.com cause it was the cheapest rate on the internet that i could find.