Thursday, 17 July 2008

Bangkok Traffic

Getting around Bangkok is just a breeze. You can either use a conventional taxi, a tuk tuk, motorcycle taxis, the BTS/MRT, or you could even take a boat along the waterways. It actually costs around the same price if you took a taxi or a tuk tuk. Taking a tuk tuk is great fun and exciting, but unless you want to breathe in the smoke and dust from the traffic, I suggest you do what I did; i.e. take a taxi cab.

People in Bangkok seem to always be in a rush to go somewhere. The roads are usually packed with cars, squeezing in and out of lanes. Pickup trucks and vans are usually seen packed with goods or people.

I must say that the drivers in Bangkok are extremely skillful in maneuvering their vehicles into any single gap anywhere. There are police and traffic wardens at almost every single intersection, each armed with their trusty whistle. Traffic is somewhat chaotic and yet organized.

The inner streets, though quite narrow is usually bustling with people and vehicles coming in and out. The huge 4x4 above even managed to squeeze into this small street without a problem. Take note that this is actually a 2 way street, and there are vehicles coming from the other direction as well. Bangkok drivers are truly amazing.

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