Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bangkok Shopping Complexes

If you're the type that complains that it is too hot and you can only go to those places with air conditioning, then you're in luck. There are a number of shopping complexes around Bangkok City for you to shop till you drop.

There is a huge mall, or rather it's more like 3 shopping complexes joined next to each other. Anyway, they all share a similar prefix to their names, that is "Siam". They are called "Siam Paragon", "Siam Square" and "Siam Center".

Basically, these 3 shopping complexes cater to different crowds. For you high class people out there, I'm sure you will feel right at home at "Siam Paragon".

If that does not suit your budget, then I suggest walking across the street to "mahboonkrong" or better known as "MBK". It's something like Sungai Wang kind of standard, maybe a little bit higher and a whole lot bigger.

For normal people like me, I would prefer to spend my days here looking around for some interesting stuff.

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Iris said...

Platinum Shopping Complex has very cheap and pretty stuff too. A good place for the shopping queens!:)